Dr. Charles McMillan visited UC Berkeley on Thursday, Sept. 13 and gave a fabulous talk on "Research, Collaboration, and Career Opportunities at Los Alamos National Laboratory" followed by a student poster session.  Dr. McMillan's presentation can be viewed at  The students were very enthusiastic and appreciative that he took time out of his busy schedule to speak to them.

McMillan lecturing McMillan students 
 Charles McMillan giving his presentation            Charles McMillan meeting with students

Eva Uribe McMillan Barbara Wang

 McMillan, Jasmina Vujic, Karl van Bibber, Eva Uribe             Charles McMillan, Barbara Wang

RobertCrabbs CharlesMcMillan Jasmina RyanBergmann CharlesMcMillan
  Robert Crabbs, Charles McMillian                       Jasmina Vujic, Ryan Bergmann, Charles McMillan

DavidFrazer CharlesMcMillan PeterHoseman NathanBailey PeterHoseman

 David Fraser, McMillan, Peter Hoseman      Nathan Bailey, Peter Hoseman

AdamRice CharlesMcMillan EvaUribe
  Charles McMillan, Adam Rice                     Eva Uribe

 NathanBailey CharlesMcMillan DavidFraser PeterHoseman
  Charles McMillan, Nathan Bailey                 Peter Hoseman, David Fraser

RyanBergmann CharlesMcMillan BarbaraWang CharlesMcMillan

Ryan Bergman, Charles McMillan              Charles McMillan, Barbara Wang

Hoseman McMillan vanBibber
Peter Hoseman, Charles McMillan, Karl van Bibber