September 2017 Workshop and Advisory Board Meeting

The Workshop and Advisory Board meeting was form 9/11/17-9/12/17 at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the UC Berkeley Faculty Club. The event featured research presentations from NSSC Fellows and Affiliates and updates from NSSC’s Academic partners. More information here.


University Program Review 2017

The University Program review took place in Walnut Creek, CA from June 6 -8, 2017. The event showcased research projects from universities and their laboratory partners to the broader nuclear security and nonproliferation community. More information here.




22nd Technical Meeting of the NSDD, May 2017 untitled-1

The 22nd Technical Meeting of the Nuclear Structure and Decay Data Evaluators network was held from 22 to 26 May 2017, at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, California, USA. More details available on the NSSC website and the IAEA website.


2016 and earlier conferences here.