During the Spring 2017 semester the Nuclear Science and Security Consortium is offering an online class, “Nuclear Security: The Nexus Between Policy & Technology” for participants from our partner institutions. Classes will be broadcast live from UC Berkeley on Mondays from 5-8pmPST at this link.

If you are unable to attend live, recorded lectures will be uploaded below, along with a list of topics covered, and the sections from the readings that correspond with each lecture.




Required Readings for Course:

Fred Kaplan, The Wizards of Armageddon (FK)

Paul Bracken, The Second Nuclear Age (PB)

Jacques Hymans, Achieving Nuclear Ambitions (JH)

Graham Allison, Nuclear Terrorism (GA)

Robert Serber, The Los Alamos Primer

R, Scott Kemp, The Nonproliferation Emporor Has no Clothes: The Gas Centrifuge, Supply-Side Controls, and the Future of Nonproliferation







Class 1: Introduction to the course. Origins of Nuclear Energy. Concept of Energy. 

Class 2: Atoms and Nuclei. How we got the bomb; Elements of Nuclear Energy and Technology. 

Class 3: Radiation and Radioactivity.  Elements of Nuclear Energy and Technology, Nuclear Weapons and the Cold War.

Class 4: Fission, Nuclear Weapons and the Cold War

Class 5: Nuclear Reactions, Elements of Nuclear Energy and Technology, Nuclear Weapons & Cold War

Class 6: Reactors, The Nuclear Proliferation Challenge and the spread of Nuclear Technology

Class 7: Exam Review