David Weisz

Staff Scientist – Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Spectroscopic and other analytical methods to study high temperature chemistry

Bio: David Weisz is a staff scientist in the Chemical and Isotopic Signatures Group at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. He received a B.S. in Chemistry from Virginia Commonwealth University, an M.S. in Health Physics from Georgetown University, and Ph.D. in Nuclear Engineering at the University of California, Berkeley. David’s research focuses primarily on applying spectroscopy to high-temperature applications as well as utilizing a wide range of analytical techniques to study nuclear materials.

Abstract: Through the NSSC, I spent my PhD studying fallout from historical, near-surface nuclear tests using spatially resolved analytical tools at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. This led me to pursue a post-doctoral position in the Chemical and Isotopic Signatures Group at LLNL, where I used spectroscopic techniques to study high-temperature phenomena related to fallout formation and high-explosives detonation chemistry. As a staff research scientist, I continue to pursue these areas of study in addition to developing signatures and diagnostics for a range of national security applications.