US Senate Confirms Dr. Kathryn Huff for Asst. Sec. of Energy, DOE’s Office of Nuclear Energy

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The United States Senate confirmed Dr. Kathryn Huff to be assistant secretary of energy at DOE’s Office of Nuclear Energy. The following statement can be attributed to Maria Korsnick, president and chief executive officer at the Nuclear Energy Institute: 

“NEI applauds the Senate’s confirmation of Dr. Kathryn Huff as the Department of Energy’s assistant secretary of energy for the Office of Nuclear Energy. Dr. Huff’s deep knowledge of nuclear technologies is pivotal to the success of not only the current nuclear fleet but the next generation of carbon-free nuclear technologies. Dr. Huff continues to demonstrate her exceptional commitment to nuclear carbon-free energy through programs which support the research, development, demonstration and deployment of advanced nuclear technologies. We look forward to working with the incoming assistant secretary to continue our progress toward securing a carbon-free future for America.”