The Nuclear Science and Security Consortium awards a limited number of prestigious fellowships to top students, postdocs, and specialists from partner schools. NSSC Fellows are selected by NSSC faculty at each partner university based on their academic excellence and contributions to mission-relevant research projects at US DOE National Laboratories. 

Recipients of the NSSC Fellowship train to develop expertise in the critical disciplines required for careers at the US DOE National Laboratories and other nuclear-related fields. While in the program, all Fellows work with an academic mentor at their university and a laboratory mentor at a partner national laboratory. NSSC Fellows attend professional conferences and workshops and are required to attend summer programs that further develop their research skills and provide a solid foundation in nuclear security policy to compliment the technical expertise gained in their degree programs. The NSSC support system ensures Fellows thrive academically and are well trained to go on to successful careers in national and nuclear security upon completion of the Fellowship. The national laboratories are now home to a robust community of talented alumni of the NSSC Fellowship.

NSSC Fellows touring the National Ignition Facility at LLNL as part of the NSSC Fall Workshop in 2019.