Dr. Christopher Murphy gave a webinar on onĀ “Novel laser-based sources and how to image them” that focused two main approaches to overcoming the wide parameter space and high shot-to-shot fluctuations observed in extreme sources. View the webinar here.

Dr. Steven Glenn gave a webinar on “Non-Destructive Characterization Techniques to Defend the US Homeland,” that focused on nondestructive characterization techniques used to secure air, land, and sea ports.

Broadcast live over Summer 2021 NSSC is partnering with Los Alamos National Laboratory to host a series of innovative talks presented by top LANL scientists.
During Spring 2021, the Nuclear Science and Security Consortium will be hosting a speaker series featuring recent program alumni. Our alumni have gone on to critical and exciting careers working in the US DOE National Laboratories or in other government organizations that are maintaining national and international nuclear weapons security. 

The Nuclear Science and Security Consortium Virtual Learning Series has been planned to support continued connection between students and national laboratory subject matter experts, particularly during the current global pandemic.