The evolving challenge of nuclear security requires a skilled workforce that understands fundamental nuclear phenomena, can model them using cutting-edge computational tools, knows how to design and fabricate advanced detector systems, and can work as part of large multi-disciplinary teams. While research in the NP/ND area includes both mission- and curiosity-driven work, the primary goals are the same: to train scholars in NNSA core capabilities through joint work with world-renowned academic leaders in nuclear physics and nuclear security subject matter experts at the national labs and to pipeline students and innovative concepts from the academy into the nonproliferation mission space. In this work, we leverage our privileged access to established accelerators and reactors at LBNL, UCD, and LANL as well as FRIB, slated to come online in 2022 as the leading low-energy nuclear science facility in the Nation, enabling exploration of mission-relevant isotopes previously unattainable in a laboratory setting.

Focus area lead: Barbara Jacak, University of California, Berkeley

Focus area co-lead: Sean Liddick, Michigan State University

Focus area co-lead: L.A Bernstein, University of California, Berkeley

Actinide target + neutrons from LANSCE

Detector for Advanced Neutron Capture Experiments (DANCE)