The NSSC Community is composed of students, postdocs, alumni and faculty from eleven top universities, and scientist from five national laboratories.

Since 2011 NSSC has supported

For a total of 635 people directly supported by NSSC.

NSSC Fellows and Affiliates have contributed to our success metrics:

*Peer Reviewed Publications detailed here.

**Awards & Honors detailed here.

401 NSSC Fellows and Affiliates have completed the program and entered the NSSC Pipeline.

(as of August 2022)

Where are NSSC Alumni now?

41% of all NSSC Fellows and Affiliates who completed the NSSC Program have gone on to positions in the national laboratories or with other government agencies. For details on these alumni click here.

The above numbers reflect the total number of students who have gone on to lab or government positions. The numbers do not reflect current employment.