The 22nd technical meeting of the Nuclear Structure and Decay Data Network of the International Atomic Energy Agency will be held at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory from May 22nd – 26, 2017.



Travel Directions from Airports to Berkeley

Using the BART is a cheap and easy way to get from local airports to Downtown Berkeley. The BART website has an online trip planner that creates your itinerary, as well as rider guides for SFO and for OAK. Most hotels will be near the Downtown Berkeley Bart stop.

Some travelers may prefer the convenience of utilizing Uber or Lyft to get from the airport directly to your hotel. A trip from SFO to Berkeley usually costs around $50, but can be less if you select a “Pool” option.

There is also an airport shuttle which leaves frequently from SFO and OAK and can take you directly to your hotel.

Travel Directions from Downtown Berkeley to LBNL

There are two free shuttles that run regularly to the LBNL campus.  The Blue Uphill//Downhill shuttle connects the meeting site (Building 59 – Shyh Wang Hall) to campus and downtown Berkeley.  As soon as you pass the large “Ernest Orlando Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory” sign coming uphill you should pull the cord signaling the driver that you would like to be dropped off.  However, you should note that if you choose to be dropped off at the building you will need to climb almost 150 steps!  If this seems daunting, then I would recommend that you ask the driver to drop you off at either the Building 70 or the Cafeteria (Building 54) stops and then walk down to Shyh Wang. All of you will be issued bus permits by email once you register for the workshop. There is an excellent interactive map of the lab online at  This map can also be viewed below.

In addition to the Blue Shuttle, there is an Orange shuttle that access the other side of the lab which you can use, but it runs through the entirety of the lab before arriving at the conference location.  You should only take this shuttle if you want a lab tour! Information about the bus routes and schedules can be found online at

A map showing the lab shuttle service is shown below.


Site Map

An LBNL site map is shown below with the meeting site (labeled CRT on the map) circled in red.  The shuttle map is shown by a dashed red line, and the shuttle stops are shown by red stars.



We can arrange to have parking permits emailed to you prior to the conference. Please call or send an email to Dorothy Kenlow ( at (510) 486-7535 to have this arranged.


We have reserved blocks of rooms at:

Hotel Name Website/Contact Room Release Date (Last day to get Block Room Rate)
Downtown Berkeley Inn 3/30/17
UC Berkeley Faculty Club 4/15/17
Hotel Shattuck Plaza*
LBNL guest house**


*This hotel is slightly higher price, but has very nice accommodations

**The guest house is a modern, attractive building located directly on the LBNL campus, and not in the city of Berkeley itself. Booking code: B00D17

There is also a list of local hotels if you would prefer to book elsewhere.

Local Organizing Committee

  • Lee Bernstein (LBNL and UCB)
  • M. Shamsuzzoha Basunia (LBNL)
  • J. C. Batchelder (Nuclear Engineering UCB)
  • A. M. Hurst (Nuclear Engineering UCB)

Things to do about town:

Local Restaurants

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