The George Washington University hosted the 2018 Nuclear Science and Security Consortium Boot Camp on Nuclear Security Policy.  This two week course ran from June 11, 2018 – June 22, 2018, and featured an intensive introduction to nuclear security for the prevention of nuclear weapons proliferation and nuclear terrorism.  This course will explore the implications of scientific and technological developments on government function and policy issues as well as international norms, treaties, and diplomacy.  Specific topics will include technical policy issues associated with nuclear weapons, nuclear energy, forensics, and missile defense, as well as regional issues such as the Iran Nuclear Deal, the North Korean nuclear situation, the Russian and Chinese situations, and more.  The Boot Camp leveraged GW’s unique location two blocks from the White House and across the street from the State Department to feature high level personnel from government agencies and nuclear arena NGOs, as well as field trips to NNSA/DOE, Capitol Hill, and other government agencies as well as career lunches and a workshop on talking to the media.  

For more information visit GWU’s website, or contact Samantha D’Introno, at, or call 202-994-7292.

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Photo highlights from Summer 2018: