The 2019 NSSC Fall Workshop and Advisory Board Meeting was held Oct. 8-9 and was organized jointly by LLNL and the University of California, Berkeley.

The event was attended by NSSC Students and Postdocs, Faculty, Laboratory Mentors, and representatives from the National Nuclear Security Administration.

Highlights of the workshop included oral presentations from NSSC Fellows, a poster session, and a variety of tours of LLNL facilities.

A day long event exclusively for LLNL Scientists and NSSC Faculty was held on October 7th. During this meeting all participants gave quick presentations on their research and had time to discuss potential collaborations.

Students had the opportunity to tour:

  • High Performance Computing Lab Tour
  • National Ignition Facility Tour (NIF)
  • National Atmospheric Release Advisory Center (NARAC) Tour
  • Nuclear Forensics Lab Tour
  • Additive Manufacturing Metals Lab Tour

Additional details on the event can be found on LLNL’s website.

Photos of the event follow:

2019 NSSC Workshop Attendees
NSSC Students touring the NIF