To support our partners in the transition to holding all classes online in response to COVID-19 the Nuclear Science and Security Consortium has compiled relevant recorded lessons to be utilized in class discussions:

Topic Speaker Date
Examining the Cognitive Impacts of Errors from Deep Learning Systems for International Nuclear Safeguards Zoe Gastelum, SNL 11/12/2020
Negotiating the New START Treaty Dr. Mona Dreicer, CGSR, LLNL 11/09/2020
Reactor Monitoring with Antineutrinos Dr. Tomi Akindele, LLNL 10/7/2020
Nuclear Weapons and American Grand Strategy Francis J. Gavin, SAIS-Johns Hopkins University 10/5/2020
Machine Learning approach to Nuclear Threat Detection Dr. Simon Labov, LLNL 9/28/2020
Next-Generation Laser Plasma Spectroscopy Technologies for Nuclear Security Dr. Vassilia Zorba, LBNL 9/14/2020
Nondestructive Assay for International Safeguards Dr. Alexis Trahan, LANL 8/5/2020
Containment/Surveillance Dr. Heidi Smartt, SNL 8/4/2020
The Nuclear Fuel Cycle (audio only) Courtesy of IGCC & PPNT 2020 Dr. Massimiliano Fratoni, UCB 8/2020
The International Nonproliferation Regime (audio only) Courtesy of IGCC & PPNT 2020 Laura Rockwood, Director at Open Nuclear Network 8/2020
Safeguarding Nuclear Material: Monitoring and Verification (audio only) Courtesy of IGCC & PPNT 2020 Dr. Mark Schanfein, Senior Nonproliferation Advisor at Idaho National Laboratory 8/2020
Nuclear Weapons 101 (audio only) Courtesy of IGCC & PPNT 2020 Dr. John Scott, LANL 8/2020
Nuclear Policy and Deterrence (audio only) Courtesy of IGCC & PPNT 2020 Dr. Susan J. Koch, Independent Consultant and Distinguished Research Fellow at the National Defense University Center for the Study of Weapons of Mass Destruction 8/2020
Nuclear Challenges from Russia (audio only) Courtesy of IGCC & PPNT 2020 Dr. Celeste Wallander, President and CEO of the U.S. Russia Foundation 8/2020
Arms Control 101 (audio only) Courtesy of IGCC & PPNT 2020 Ambassador Linton Brooks 8/2020
Uranium Metal Dissolution and Phase Separation Experiment Members of the UNLV Radiochemistry PhD Program 6/2020
Ion Exchange of Thorium 232 and its Progeny Isotopes Members of the UNLV Radiochemistry PhD Program 6/2020
Nuclear North Korea Manseok Lee, UCB 4/22/2020
The Iran Case Dr. Michael Nacht, UCB 4/18/2020
21st Century Deterence Dr. Sheryl Hingorani, SNL 4/6/2020
Extended Deterence Dr. Brad Roberts, LLNL 3/30/2020
Origins of International Safeguards Dr. George Moore, MIIS 3/18/2020
Nuclear Weapon Physics Dr. Karl van Bibber, UCB 3/16/2020
Using Data Competitions to Crowdsource Innovative Solutions to Urban Radiation Detection Problems Dr. Christine Anderson-Cook, LANL 3/2/2020
How Close to Doomsday? Nuclear Dangers and Stopping a New Nuclear Arms Race Former California Governor Jerry Brown, former U.S. Secretary of Energy and Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI) Co-chair and CEO, Dr. Ernest J. Moniz, and Dr. Bethany Goldblum, executive director of the NSSC 2/27/2020
Chernobyl Panel Discussion Mark Sandberg Ph.D., Jason T. Harris Ph.D., Jean L. Nakamura M.D., Alexei Yurchak Ph.D., and Massimiliano Fratoni Ph.D 2/26/2020
Radiological/nuclear emergency-response science at the Remote Sensing Laboratory Dr. Scott Suchyta, Remote Sensing Laboratory 2/11/2020
Nuclear Science, Engineering & Deterrence. A Career that Matters at Los Alamos Dr. Mark Chadwick, Chief Scientist and Chief Operating Officer, ALDX, LANL 2/10/2020
A Multimodal-Deep Learning System for Monitoring Nuclear Proliferation Activities Using Open Sources Dr. Yana Feldman, LLNL 10/30/2019
Nuclear Forensics and What it Can Tell Us about Materials from the Front End of the Uranium Fuel Cycle Dr. Naomi Marks, LLNL 11/18/2018
Is There A Light At The End Of The North Korean Nuclear Tunnel? Siegfried S. Hecker 11/15/2018
Plutonium Contamination of the Environment: What’s the Problem? Dr. Mavrik Zavarin 4/24/2018
The Implications of the Trump Nuclear Posture Review Ambassador Linton F. Brooks 3/19/2018
Is Nuclear Arms Control Dead? Dr. Michael Nacht 11/13/2017

Offerings from other NNSA Consortia:

Topic Speaker Date
Full list of videos from the Data Science Summer School ETI Data Science Summer School 8/2020
Full list of videos from the Nuclear Engineering Summer School MTV Nuclear Engineering Summer School Lectures 5/2020 – 7/2020