December 9, 2015: Patricia Schuster, University of California, Berkeley

Investigating Directional Depending in Organic Crystal Scintillator Materials


November 17, 2015 NSSC-CVT Joint Webinar: David Reyna, Sandia National Laboratories

Applications of Antineutrino Detection for Reactor Safeguards and Security

Video not available.


October 6, 2015: Natalia Zaitseva, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

New Organic Scintillators for Wide-Energy Neutron Detection

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May 7, 2015: Aaron Manalaysay, University of California, Davis

Detection of Very Low-Energy Ionizing Radiation: From Dark Matter to Neutrinos

April 14, 2015: Sheryl Hingorani, Sandia National Laboratories

Challenges and Complexities of 21st Century Deterrence


March 10, 2015: Stephan Friedrich, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Cryogenic Ultra-High Energy Resolution Gamma Detection for Scientific and Safeguards Applications

February 10, 2015: Shawn Tornga, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Overview of Research at LANL’s Space Science and Applications Group


November 18, 2014: Sherry Faye, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Optimization and Application of a Sequential Extraction Procedure for Analysis of Multiple Actinide Elements