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At this year’s University Program Review an award for “Best Lab Project” will be awarded to one graduate student from the Nuclear Science and Security Consortium. In order to determine the winner we are asking our lab partners to review nominated projects, and cast a vote! Vote on the student you feel has the best national lab project in terms of alignment with the NA22 mission space.

The Nominees from NSSC for Best Lab Project (details on student and projects below):

  1. Cordell Delzer (UTK)
  2. Alex Dombos (MSU)
  3. Kaycee Gass (UTK)
  4. Steven Gardiner (UCD)
  5. Elizabeth Heckmaier (UCI)
  6. Daniel Hellfeld (UCB)
  7. Tyler Jordan (UCB)
  8. Benjamin Land (UCB)
  9. Brenden Longfellow (MSU)
  10. James Louis-Jean (UNLV)
  11. Eric Matthews (UCB)
  12. Teal Pershing (UCD)
  13. Andrew Reddie (UCB)
  14. Angela Simone (UTK)
  15. Mark Straub (UCB)
  16. Alan Tam (UCI)
  17. Adriana Ureche (UCB)

Please review the students and projects detailed below and then

Cast your VOTE HERE.

The winner of this award will be recognized during the closing talk of the University Program Review on Thursday, June 7th. Winners will also be featured as a news item on the NSSC website. Poll will close on May 23rd.


1)Cordell Delzer (UTK)

2) Alex Dombos

3) Kaycee Gass

4) Steven Gardiner

5) Elizabeth Heckmaier

6) Daniel Hellfeld

7) Tyler Jordan


8) Ben Land

9) Brenden Longfellow

10) James Louis-Jean

11) Eric Matthews

12) Teal Pershing


13)Andrew Reddie

14) Angela Simone

15) Mark Straub


16) Alan Tam

17) Adriana Ureche