“We must prevent the arms race from spreading to new nations, to new nuclear powers and to the reaches of outer space.” – President John F. Kennedy, State of the Union Address, January 30, 1961.

More than five decades later, the challenges posed by President Kennedy are even more daunting. Advances in nuclear, space, and cyber technologies are now coupled with the resurgence of an aggressive Russia, an expansionist China, and a group of regional powers that see benefit in acquiring nuclear weapons. Fresh concepts that integrate these technical and policy considerations are required for U.S. nonproliferation policy to be successful.

Crosscutting Focus Area Lead: Michael Nacht, University of California, Berkeley

Crosscutting Focus Area Co-Lead: Allison Macfarlane, George Washington University

Current research focuses on:

  • Pursuing nuclear nonproliferation in the absence of strategic arms control
  • Assessment of cross-domain deterrence in U.S. nonproliferation policy
  • Solutions to the threat posed by separated plutonium in the civilian sector

Current NSSC Policy Programming Includes: