Congratulations to our graduating NSSC Fellows & Affiliates!

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Congratulations to all the NSSC Fellows and Affiliates graduating this semester, and transiting into exciting careers!

UC Berkeley’s Nuclear Engineering Department held their graduation ceremonies today. Seven Fellows and Affiliates from NSSC graduated from this department:

  • Thibault Laplace
  • Keith McManus
  • Ryan Pavolvsky
  • James Bevins
  • Joseph Labrum
  • Eric Matthews
  • Isaac Meyer

We are proud to have you as a part of the NSSC!


From left to right: (NSSC Fellows with Prof. Bernstein NSSC Director of Laboratories, Prof. Vujic NSSC Director, Dr. Goldblum NSSC Scientific Director, and Prof. Vetter NSSC NNSA Liaison)


NSSC Personnel at the Nuclear Engineering Graduation Procession.

Prof. Vujic with her students.

Thibault Laplace receives a certificate from NSSC.

NSSC Fellows at the graduation reception.