The 2024 NSSC-LLNL Nuclear Security and Nonproliferation Summer School will feature lectures and hands-on experimental modules covering various aspects of nuclear risk reduction. Scholars will form teams to engage in hands-on experimental modules aimed at tackling challenges in warhead verification, emergency response, and nuclear forensics. In the Warhead Verification module, scholars will conduct neutron and gamma-ray measurements to confirm the presence or absence of nuclear and moderator materials before and after simulated dismantlement. The Emergency Response module challenges scholars to characterize an unidentified threat using passive neutron and gamma-ray measurements, alongside active interrogation techniques. Lastly, in the Nuclear Forensics module, scholars will investigate and trace the origins of nuclear and radiological materials through measuring radiation signatures and isotopic compositions of simulated nuclear samples.

This workshop will also include tours and a poster session where scholars will have an opportunity to present their work and connect with LLNL scientists from across the laboratory. Upon successful completion of the workshop, scholars will receive a certificate of achievement recognizing their accomplishments.

Dates: June 11-14, 2024

Location: Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Eligibility: Open to scholars from the DNN R&D Consortia, including NSSC, MTV, ETI, and CNF

Don’t Miss Out! There is a limited number of participant slots available for this unique opportunity so apply now! For full consideration, make sure to submit your application prior to the March 15th deadline. 

→   For questions on eligibility or other program matters, contact Ava Benkhatar

Please note that US citizenship is required.