Participants of the NSSC September Workshop and Advisory Board Meeting.


Workshop agenda

NSSC Newsletter from September 2017

Student Presentations from the September Workshop:

Photos of the event:

UCB NSSC Fellow Mark Straub, presenting on “Designing Molecular Precursors to Nanostructured Uranium Oxides and Nitrides”


Mark Straub presenting at the NSSC’s September Workshop.


UCB Undergraduate, Lakshmi Ramesh, discusses her research with LANL Scientist, Robert Rundberg.


UCB NSSC Fellow, Ali Hanks, demonstrating the work of Berkeley RadWatch.

UCB NSSC Graduate Fellow, Daniel Hellfeld, speaking to workshop participants about his research using HEMI (High-Efficiency Multimode Imager) .


UCB Undergraduate Michael Martin presenting on his research.


UCB NSSC Fellows listening to research presentations.


UNLV NSSC Fellows listening to research presentations.


Dr. Victoria Franques, Program Manager and Dr. Michael Cai, Technical Advisor at NNSA at the NSSC Fellows presentations.

Workshop participants enjoying lunch at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.


NSSC Workshop Poster Session. Lab Scientists speaking with students about their research.


NSSC Advisory Board Members, Executive Team Members, and representatives from NNSA attending the poster reception.


NSSC Fellows from MSU.


Members of the NSSC Advisory Board and Executive Team meet with Dr. Victoria Franques.


Dr. Ken Czerwinkski of UNLV talking with UCB Fellow, Ethan Boado about Ethan’s research at LBL.


UCB Graduate Fellow Eric Matthews presenting his research.


UCB NSSC Fellows at the poster reception.


NSSC Scientific Director, Bethany Goldblum, presenting on the NSSC-LANL Keepin Nonproliferation Summer Program.


Members of the NSSC Advisory Board.


Representatives from NNSA, NSSC Staff and Executive team, and lab collaborators.


Dr. Rian Bahran of LANL, Dr. Lee Bernstein of LBNL.


Dr. Michael Cai of NNSA, and the head of NSSC’s Advisory Board, Dr. Carol Burns, LANL.


UCI NSSC Affiliate Liz Heckmaier, Dr. Nick Scielzo of LLNL, and Dr. Sean Liddick of MSU.

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