NNSA Graduate Fellowship Program (NGFP) information session

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On April 30th, at 11 am PST, a recruitment session will be held for graduate students interested in the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) Graduate Fellowship Program (NGFP) for 2022. The fellowship seeks highly motivated graduate-level students to grow as the next generation of nuclear security leaders. The one-year, salaried (with benefits) fellowships offer:

• Hands-on experience in nuclear security and nonproliferation;

• Career development, professional networking, and specialized training events; and

• Extensive interaction and collaboration with leading national security technology and policy experts.

Positions are open to students actively pursuing their master’s or doctoral degree as well as students who have achieved their graduate degree within the past 18 months. Details about the program can be found on the web site at http://ngfp.pnnl.gov The current application deadline is October 1, 2021 for positions that will begin in June 2022.

To join the meeting click here.


NSSC Fellow in Phys. Rev. C.

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Steven Gardiner, former NSSC Fellow at UC Davis, now at FermiLab, recently published “Nuclear de-excitations in low-energy charged-current νe scattering on 40Ar” in Phys. Rev. C.

Prof. Robert Svoboda, Gardiner’s former academic advisor, details this accomplishment, “For his thesis [Steven] developed a new nuclear model for neutrino interactions with argon nuclei. This was the first time anybody had really looked at this reaction in such detail, and it was discovered that neutron final states are an important part of the model and cannot be ignored (as was previously done) when looking at scientific sensitivity of liquid argon detectors.”

Gardiner’s important work can be read here.

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